Looks more luxurious, let's take a peek at 5 tips for making outdoor wedding decorations

Looks more luxurious, let's take a peek at 5 tips for making outdoor wedding decorations

Marriage is a sacred moment, which is arguably a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, many people try to make events in such a way as to be well remembered, for example making outdoor events and so on. In order for your wedding reception to look more luxurious at a Bali villa wedding venue, here are tips for making the right decorations.

Tips for Making Outdoor Wedding Decorations

1. Give Unique Souvenirs

In order for the wedding to be more memorable and look luxurious to the invited guests, the selection of souvenirs needs to be done carefully. Souvenirs given to invited guests don't need to be expensive. You can choose souvenirs with unique shapes, to make them look more attractive to the audience.

For example, you can choose souvenirs with natural nuances such as ornamental plants. So when the invited guests enter, the neatly arranged souvenirs at the front can beautify the outdoor area where your wedding and your partner are taking place. Besides ornamental plants, you can also choose souvenirs in the form of unique jar glasses.

2. Setting up Photo Spot

Due to the sophistication of the internet, nowadays there are so many social media to upload beautiful photos. So at your wedding at a Bali villa wedding, it doesn't hurt to prepare a beautiful photo spot. The existence of these photo spots can make your wedding party and your partner look more luxurious.

3. Use the Private Table Concept

Generally, people who choose a villa or outdoor area as the venue for their wedding reception. Not too many invitations, because they want more intimacy. Therefore, you can use the private table concept. With a private table, invited guests will feel special welcomed.

4. Selecting the Lamp Type

If you are holding a wedding reception in the afternoon or evening, then choosing the right lights can make the outdoor party feel more luxurious. You can choose lamp designs such as lanterns, tumblr, lanterns, and so on. You can even be creative by using paper lanterns.

5. Choosing the Venue

One thing that is no less important in order to make your party even more luxurious is the selection of the venue. For example, the choice of venue at the Bali villa wedding, which is very appropriate as an outdoor wedding area. Because the beauty of Bali you don't need to question anymore. Its exoticism can make your party look more beautiful, charming, and luxurious.

Even so, choosing a villa as a wedding venue must be done carefully. You can choose The Surga Villa Estate, as a place to hold a wedding. Villa The Surga is on the cliffs of the Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu, has beautiful views on all sides that can make your party atmosphere more festive and luxurious.

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